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We've started a Friday fortnightly run session between Floss, Kate and myself, sometimes joined by Floss's daughter Emma if she's home from Uni. We all live within a 40km triangle of each other so are taking turns to "host" a run. Host meaning work out a route and a place for coffee afterwards.

It's a great way to see a bit of the country side and running in some hidden gems we had no idea were there. On this occasion we ran 7km at the Naroghid Rail Trail and had just seen some cows, hence the pose of Kate!

It's a great opportunity for a catch up, a bit of chitter chatter out on the trail and really fantastic company.

I've always been a solo runner as I'm worried about holding people up, but there's something different about this, we're all similar pace, we will stop and walk if anyone needs a breather, I'm really enjoying the camaraderie. What can I say ... I think I've finally got some BRF's.