This page was made for this weeks Jumpstart Challenge 10. It is also for the CT guest spot.

The journaling is:
It is Christmas morning 1945 . . . the war has just ended and money is tight at our house. Mother and Daddy have a new little baby girl, a decorated cedar tree and some wonderful toys from Santa Claus.
And, I am that lucky little baby!
I still have the little cloth doll that was under that tree . . . it is pretty worn and dirty, but still a treasure when I think of how pretty it looked under our tree that first Christmas so many years ago.
It was my 1st Christmas . . .
It was my 1st baby doll . . .
It was the 1st of many happy times to come.

The hand written block of text was penned by my daddy in the scrapbook he made for me when I was a small child. I love that he loved doing this for my scrapbook. The doll, I found in the attic of my childhood home after the deaths of my parents.

The red bow and stick pin are from Botanist Notebook 13 and the background paper from Botanist Notebook 8 both by Katie Pertiet.
Ledger Grids brush, grunge overlay, Postcard Journalers and Bare Basic Chipboard Alpha all from Katie Pertiet.
Hipster Plumes 1 & 5 by Anna Aspnes.
All of these products are from Designer Digitals.

Fonts are Arial, Elephant and Colona MT.