Kaiya turned 9 this week, and for her class treat, she wanted me to make rainbow jello cups. I stayed up until 11:30 working on them, and then we didn't even end up taking them to school because they ended up being really full, taking up a ton of space in the refrigerator (and I didn't know if the school would really have space for them) and I had no way of getting them there except on 2 giant cookie sheets. I took one look at them in the morning and thought, "if I was a teacher and someone sent this in, I'm not so sure I would appreciate it!" Ha! So we kept them at home, Kaiya got one to eat for her birthday breakfast, and she ended up taking popsicles instead! Oh life. Smile TFL!
(also, my license for excel has apparently expired, so I will be back to link products soon!)

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Lightly Letter Box Paper Pack No. 04
Nothing More Brushes and Stamps
Layer Works No. 843
Color Me Happy Paper Pack
Color Me Happy Solids Paper Pack