My husband along with some of his brothers & sisters have cleaned out the home where they were all raised. We have scanned and printed photos and I am making a book with them. I am enjoying this task so much and learning much about his family that I didn't know much about before. It is a rather large family . . . he is one of 13 children!

Journaling: The journaling for this page consists only of names and dates . . . we know very little about Houston & Sarah.

This is the second page with a photo of Houston & Sarah . . . the other one was taken probably at their marriage in 1887. this photo was likely made near 1930. The date for this photos is difficult to decide upon. The garment which Sarah has on is definitely not 1930's . . . but they look so much older than another photo which is dated in 1920. I will very possibly need to change the dates for this page sometime before we print.

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