I have found it hard to start scrapping about my fathers illness. Carols challenge was the push I needed.
Despite his lung condition that is making it a struggle simply to breathe, Dad has kept his good humour and active mind. Never one to sit idly by and accept what is, he always questions and devises better alternatives. I had not even noticed his doodling on the newspaper; in the margin next to all the completed puzzles. The following conversation is my best recollection of what took place.
The nurse arrives.
Nurse: Hello John, how are you?
Dad: No better, no worse.
Nurse: I just need to check the tubes in your back.
Dad: Ah, about that, I have a suggestion.
Nurse: Just let me check them first
Dad: I have drawn a diagram for you... where did that go?
Dad: Ah, here it is...
Nurse: Oh?
Dad: It seems to me that the current system is very inefficient. It requires ... which is difficult to insert and prone to infection. I suggest you use a ... with a flange that could be... and connect that to a ... (technical details missing because I had no clue what he was talking about).
Nurse: Oh, I see. That would be more expensive to manufacture. And you might get an infection between the flange and skin.
Dad: But the flange could be made of ... that would seal better to prevent infection.
Nurse: Yes I can see that it is a good idea but probably not possible.
Mum: Well thanks so much for listening. He has mentioned it to a few nurses but no one has had time to look.
This was not the first time Dad had suggested alternative treatments to nurses, doctors and specialists, and it will not be the last.

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