Jumping ahead a bit but this new template coming soon was perfect for this poem and my end page. Im still not decided if want a title since this will be in the colorado book at the end.??


Katie Pertiet
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There's a place where the gold of heaven just drips when sunsets glow. Where the picturesque pine and the coy columbine and the timberline mignonette grow. There's a region of wonderful whispers that drift through the nation old trees. There are purples and reds, in the shifting cloud beds that change with each echoful breeze. There are valleys that yet are nameless and mountains that spike the sky. And the regal blue spruce, that ere will produce a charm to seduce the eye. There are canyons that yawn as they grip you. There are sentinel rocks austere. There are operas unsung, there are pictures unhung and silences made to hear. 'Tis a storehouse of luring landscapes. COLORADO, the home of the dawn. A rare land of fancy and true necromancy where fairies in vacancy spawn. You have stilled us and thrilled us with wonder. You have shown us the old earth in youth. From somewhere out yonder, you taught us to ponder on lessons of infinite truth. Clem Yore, Estes Park, Circ 1915