Another Saturday another Scraplift, another reason to love Saturdays! This layout was “scrap lifted” from Darla’s “One Fish“ .

I wanted to scrap Kaylin loosing her first tooth. She was so excited and couldn’t wait for that night when the tooth fairy would come. I wanted to capture the magic of this momentous occasion so I used lots of fairies and hid them through out the layout. I used masks, the blending modes and the opacity to intermingle them into the background. The journaling was so perfect, it’s a poem posted online by the Cunning Dental Group; “The Tooth Fairy”:

"When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth,
do you know what she did?
She made a map to visit you
'cause you're a special kid!
First she got your home address
and checked her fairy map,
Then she flew to your place
where she saw your brand new "gap".
Of course, she took your worn-out-tooth,
just like she's always done.
But she's left you something nice instead
to help you have some fun!"

The papers are by Cottage Arts “Wish Pak”, the crown and wand are by Shabby Princess, the font is Broken 15 & Humanst521 BT,

The Fairies:

"The Lily Fairy" by Luis Ricardo Falero,
"We Feel Dancey" by Arthur Rackham &
2007 Calendar Picks by Phylameana lila Desy