Loved this challenge. I tried to do some elaborate background papers and came back to the style that usually works for me: clean and simple. So much fun to experiment!

Journaling reads:
1. Stop doing things for you. How are you going to become responsible if I don't give you responsibilities.
2. Let you be kids. Instead of immediately telling you, "Don't run!" or "Don't yell!"
3. Accept you for who you ARE, not who I think you SHOULD be.
4. Raise my voice less. Sometimes I must, but sometimes I do it without being thoughtful or kind.
5. Hold you in my lap more often. You are really too big for me to carry and soon you won't want to sit in my lap anymore (sniff).
6. Spend time alone with each of you. I want to experience the uniqueness of each of you and that comes out when we go one-on-one.
7. As Anna Quindlen said, I need to "Savor the everyday. Treasure the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less.
8. Hug you more.
9. Kiss you more.
10. Love you more. Impossible.

Ledger Grids brushes-n-stamps
Grace paper pack
Little Bits Alphabet
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