I ran across a small bundle of photographs tucked into one of my parent's old scrapbooks. Very little was written on the back other than West Tennessee CCC boys and a few dates. I have looked on the Internet and found that there was a blizzard and subsequent flooding during the time when my Daddy worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps. I have looked for a man who might be Daddy and decided upon the one with the arrow as the closest in looks to him. This is a lift of a page which I saw in the Internet with no identifying name attached.

Journaling: Daddy worked with the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 1930's and the early 1940's. This photograph is of a historic blizzard and flood in Western Tennessee. I don't know who took this photograph and I am not sure which of these men is Daddy, but I believe that it is the man on the far right. I am happy to have this so we can have a small glimpse of the work he did during that time.

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