I have been out of town for a week with grandchildren . . . one of the perks is that I was able to take plenty of photographs! My mojo was a little low for a couple of weeks, and it is so nice to be inspired once again.

Journaling: There are storms in the air . . . and schools are closed all over the state today. The sky was clear over your house early today and the temperature was balmy for an early April morning. There is already light sprinkling rain, but not too bad yet. You were playing in the swimming pool yesterday for hours with your dozens of little plastic toys. There were little horses everywhere! So, we think that this morning after you found out that there was no school and that you probably were not going to be able to play outside that you would pick up the toys and bring the inside where you could continue playing with the little horses on your day off! I saw you tippy toe out the door in your nightgown after breakfast holding your little yellow umbrella with a container in hand to go about your business and grabbed my phone to take a photo of cute little you.

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