So, this is the end result for Brenda's very cool artsy challenge... yep. Not artsy at all. Man, do I struggle with artsy... ha. Seriously... it's taken me all week to do this and I only used two products! I actually had a couple of different artsy ideas, but just couldn't get those pages right. So, I changed tactics and went for a full page photo... even though it's a pretty stinkin' cool photo, I still hesitated to use it for the whole page... so not me! I liked the words tumbling down the page of the inspiration and I did use that idea, just not on the cool labels from Katie. Geesh. But, overall, I guess this is as artsy as I can get. *grin*

And, oh, yes, people... the highlands are stunning. The mountains are stunning. The streams and rivers and waterfalls and lochs everywhere are stunning. I couldn't stop exclaiming about all the water pouring down the mountain sides... every single mountain had ribbons of water rushing down the side! Shannon was fortunate to visit the highlands in early fall when it was greener and starting to turn color. My visit was December in the freezing rain and snow... still... incredible.

I had pulled onto a little turnout off the road (yes, I was driving on the "wrong" side of the road, sitting on the "wrong" side of the car... hahaha!)... Shannon ran way up onto that little berm to take a shot... in the rain... so I jumped out and took a shot of her taking a shot! And yep... this is straight from my iPhone... no big girl camera. That's how amazing and majestic this place is.


Flair Minis No. 01
("this" brad holding the label)

Challenge Freebie

Thanks for looking! Debi