So teaching is a wonderful, frustrating profession. The pupils are endlessly entertaining, though would also get you hung. They're by turns enthusiastic and recalcitrant, but they're teenagers, most of them grow out of it:D.

Far more frustrating is the bureaucracy, the hoops we all need to jump through, and I know that's not only an issue in teaching. This year's seemed particularly bad. I've always been proud of Scottish education, but the latest round of international league tables haven't made such pleasant reading and I can't say I was hugely surprised, given all the tinkering that's been done to the curriculum over the past few years. So this page neatly fits into Carol's story challenge for this month.

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Simply Stripes Paper Pack No. 01;
Book Bag Days Back-to-School Scrapbooking Collection;
Krafty Love Solids Paper Pack;
Wood Veneer Hearts No. 02;
School Rules Scrapbook Kit;
Summer Gardens Element Pack;
Whimsy Words No. 05;


(Thanks to Debi for her always-awesome style. I fancied a go at it for this page, so. much. white. space!!)