Vintage Flair Template: Katie Pertiet - coming Sunday
Vintage Garden Paper: Dana Zarling - coming Sunday!
Digitally Pressed Petals 1 and 2: Katie Pertiet
Curled Journal Spots 3: Katie Pertiet
All Bunched Up Ribbons: Katie Pertiet
Grunge Overlays: Katie Pertiet

Journaling reads:
As far back as I can remember, I've loved books. I knew at a young age what the power of reading meant. My mom used to take Arland, Lynn and I to the local libraries for cheap entertainment over summer break. It was a special treat to go to the main branch at Clearwater Beach. I would check out piles of novels, and pour over them until my mom would say, “get your nose out of that book!”

But there was so much to discover. The summer I was twelve, I read The Chronicles of Narnia, and everything by Louisa May Alcott. As long as the plot was interesting, I was hooked. It was my escape.

Today, I can point to certain periods of my life by the books I read. There were times my reading habit had to take a back seat to studying, taking care of my new born son, or throwing myself into my job. I have many more responsibilities than I did the summer I was twelve. But I always love to find the perfect novel. Now I listen to books on my Ipod Shuffle as I fold laundry and do dishes. And they still take me away.