Wow... did I need this story prompt or what? Well, actually, I didn't actually NEED it... I've just been living it the last few months. Just so much stress, so much to to, so many people 'needing' me... it's all been overwhelming and getting to me. What started out as a page about all the cr*p that's happening now made me sound like a whiner and I just said to myself as I was typing "Stop whining and change something!" And, this page was born... a page telling me to think of ME, my health and my sanity and not take everything to heart. Stop letting everyone else determine what I do with my time. A page telling me to stop my bad behaviors (stress eating!) and stop letting everything be MY problem.
Thanks for letting me blow off some steam (or something!) and making me feel comfortable sharing... although when I saw this on Instagram, I had a moment of panic! LOL
Honestly, though... my fabulous friend, Carol... thank you very much for unknowingly kicking me to turn around all the cr*p and take charge again... xo


Challenge Freebie

(title label, stitched circles)
Golden Pretty Element Pack
(leaves, clip, heart brad)
Just Like Spring Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)

Thanks for looking! Debi