I have had this little rooster for most of our married life . . . he has traveled the world with us . . . and, now roosts in my kitchen window. This year, the Chinese Year of the Rooster he is holding court with a few puffed up feathers, as he is a sort of celebrity in the world of fowls! I have loved using a couple of Katie's new items coming to the store soon . . . the newest Blendable Layers is wonderful and I've used quiet a few of the layers here.
P.S. My rooster is sitting on my kitchen table having a hearty breakfast of Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar as I have my Cheerios & blueberries!

Journaling: In 1968 Aunt Lucille bought this small tin wind-up rooster and gave him to me one afternoon while she was visiting us in Germany. I loved him because he was such a brightly colored and spunky little fellow . . . later our children loved him because we could wind him up with the metal key he would peck the ground just as if he were eating. Now I have him sitting in my kitchen window where he makes me smile and remember Aunt Lucy each time I wash the dishes.

Blendable Layers No. 63
Geometric Photo Frames, Stacks and Layers No. 01
Geometric Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Silhouetted Clusters: Barnyard
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