OK, so I'm way late for the 30MM and with all the interruptions I've had in the last 24 hours, it took me way longer than 30 minutes, but... *grin*...I got a page done! Go me! LOL
And yeah, from the very few layouts I've done lately, it seems like all Shannon and I did was drink... hahaha... but this was a monumental pint, to be fair. She ventured from Glasgow to Belfast BY HERSELF! Yes, I was kind of freaked out and kind of OK with it... she's 23 and a very smart and level-headed young woman, not a frivolous, silly, unsure little girl. She took lots of photos and sent me regular text updates... she knew I'd be worried. Ha. On her first night, she was looking for a place to just chill and have dinner and not deal with "bar crowds", etc. And she found just the place and sent me a Snapchat, from where I grabbed this photo! So, yeah... it was kind of a big moment: Her first time out alone in a strange city alone and my 100-millionth time being worried about my girly. (Just kidding... well...)
Anyways, the colors were kind of cool and I saw deep purple/maroon and gold and here was Linda's 30MM challenge, so... a layout was born!
Thanks, Linda... I may not have scrapped this pic without the kick of your challenge! And, no, it was NOT easy for me to get all the 'requirements' on my page... I don't use ribbon that often and three squares in addition to the rectangles?... but I did it!


Break Away Brushes and Stamps
(title word art... broken apart and one word is now a sticker!)
Miriam Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Hung Up Photo Frames No. 10
(frame around journaling... not the pic... LOL)
Kitlet Solids Paper Pack No. 03
Flair Minis No. 01
(purple brad on title... recolored to be a deeper purple)
Pebbled Universal No. 02
(three square brads)

*** COMING SOON! ***
Documenting Life Date Stamps No. 3

Thanks for looking! Debi