Not so much resolutions... more 'notes to self' for 2017.

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Journaling reads:
Simplify - In every aspect. De-clutter and de-junk to help clear my mind. Only have what I need.
Organise - A place for everything and everything in its place. Getting rid of clutter will help.
Be Present - Less time on social media. Live more in the moment while planning for what's ahead.
Challenge - Take more considered shots and push the boundaries. Find my niche and know my worth.
Just Do - No over-thinking allowed. Be creative and dare to be different.
Focus - Concentrate on the task at hand and do it well. Know when to quit and move on.
Move - Prioritse exercise and banish excuses. Remember how good even a short run feels.
Listen - Be aware of the messages my body gives me. Continue to make healthy choices.
Sleep - Learn the importance of getting enough rest. Work on lights out by 10:30pm.
Believe - Only compare myself to the person I was yesterday. KNOW THAT I AM ENOUGH.