I stole the "Christmas Ship" photo from the Internet, but it's a photo of a boat that used to go out to the islands in the '50s, so not that far off! :-) And that's young me in the foreground of the inset photo, complete with a jacket my mother decorated with flower edging.

I love all the new Christmas goodies coming out, it's so fun to get inspired to scrap memories from recent years or (in this case) very long ago. TFL!


Living on a tiny island in the San Juans with no store or ferry
service, we made our own entertainment for the most part.
Events like the arrival of the Christmas Ship were hugely
anticipated and delightful for everyone. We gathered on the
dock by the Post Office, eagerly waiting for Santa to come,
thrilled to have this special treat and to enjoy some holiday
festivities together. The little gifts and sweets were an added

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