Well, this was truly a challenge for me! It's such a cool template, wouldn't you agree? But, for me... all those triangles... what to do? But, hey... that's why they call it a challenge, right? *grin*

All these silly photos are photos I took a year ago after falling on a run and having to be in a boot for about six weeks. I got to wear tennies and sandals to work, so that was fun, but I couldn't go barefoot in that boot... eew! So, after that first day in sandals, I started matching the boot sock to the shoes I'd wear that day. It was silly but quite fun to decide my shoes, to match a work outfit, and my socks. Some of the colors were slightly off, but hey... everyone thought it was fun when they'd notice! And, I had fun in spite of pain of the injury and therapy.

I eliminated some of the triangles from the template and shrunk it down in size so I could have some white space. *sheepish grin* I also used a stroke outline on the two larger triangles to complement the 'sticker' in the title. Then I filled the adjacent triangles to the sock-and-shoe photos with paper the color of my shoes and socks! Black, white, purple, lime green, teal and hot pink! I did borrow Shannon's yellow Converse, too, but didn't snag a photo!
Thanks for the challenge, Brenda and Katie!


Not Your Average Day Brushes and Stamps
(title word art... yep, I made one word into a sticker!)
Flair Minis No. 01
(brads... LOL, me, heart)
Belina Solids Paper Pack
(lime green paper, hot pink paper)
Kitlet Scrapbooking Mini-Kit No. 03
(purple paper)
Kitlet Scrapbooking Mini-Kit No. 03
(white paper, black paper)
Watery Scribbles Brushes and Stamps No. 04
(brush behind photos)

*** COMING SOON! ***
Miriam Solids
(background and teal paper)

Thanks for looking! Debi