Last year I attended a local service to commmemorate the centenary of ANZAC Day. That is the day that the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed in Gallipoli (and were slaughtered). It is very significant because until then we had felt like a British Colony but this event was like a coming of age. The poppies symbolise World War 1.

And so sorry to Amanda!! I promise I DID originally paste the credits but sometimes if there is an apostrophe in there somewhere the whole lots gets eaten up by a web monster.

So here ARE the credits:

Blendable Layers No. 16 (the poppy outlines)
Messy Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Floresta Element Pack (frame)
Poppy Fields Element Pack (word strip, tab, blendable - the red poppy part only - I erased the parts of the blendable I didn't want and used the layer twice with different blending modes - hard light at 29% and linear light at 100%)
Poppy Fields Paper Pack (border paper)
October Essentials Solids Paper Pack No. 01 (white paper with a curves layer added to accentuate the texture)