An old photo taken at Cox Arboretum in Dayton.

And since we talked about "telling the technique" in one of the chats during the quarterly sale, here it is. I hope you find it useful.

Layer 1 - Background paper from the Inspiration Challenge Pack 09 24 16

Layer 2 - Quinn Blendable Layers (coming soon!) - I've used 2 of them. Both have the blending mode set to luminosity. The one on the lower right has an opacity of 100%, the one on the upper left has an opacity of 60%.

Layer 3 - Fine Line Twists No 4 (coming soon!) - I set the blending mode to overlay

Layer 4 - Artsy Bookshelf Layers No. 01 -
I used one of the layers with the text on it since it's a blended "paper" layer knowing I was going to clip a paper to it.

Layer 5 - Quinn Paper Pack (coming soon) - clipped to the Artsy Bookshelf layer

Layer 6 - Floresta Scrapbooking Kit
- The edge overlay, with the blend mode set to overlay.

Layer 7 - Pocket Page Titles Months (coming soon!)

Layer 8 - Leaves from the Inspiration Kit 09 24 16 used twice - one with the blend mode set to overlay, the second with the blend mode set to divide and the opacity set to 50%. I clipped both of these to the photo itself.

Layer 9 - Wood Veneer Rounded Corner Photo Frames No. 01 - one frame three times

Layers 10 and 11 - Vintage Charm Kit
- the screws, chosen for their color.