Hooray for photos of silly moments. And people who post them on facebook with a story to go with them (this was posted by a friend of Will's). And hooray for fabulous templates and gorgeous kits and chats that inspire you and remind you of fabulous oldies but goodies ...

This is my DD#2 and her wonderful long-term partner. He won his team's best and fairest award at soccer.
This was the story that was posted:
Will: "Amy, can I have my trophy back?"
Amy (WAG queen): "What? You mean my trophy? No you can't have it back you idiot. Shutup and pose for the photo"
*Two seconds later photo is taken, Will obligingly looks at the camera, defeated*
In the Facebook comments, Amy responded "Haha very proud of myself!"

It HAD to be scrapped! I was a bit worried that "WAG" might meant something a bit rude but some research tells me it is simply Wives And Girlfriends! Smile

Hello Sweetheart LT
Chalked Solids Paper (in the background and clipped to the starburst)
Buttoned Up (with a blank you can customise)