Soooo, I had lunch with a friend today. We met at a fairly popular restaurant where parking is always tight. I had to drive around a few times before finding a spot. A bit annoying but not unexpected; this place is quite popular! What was annoying was that at least two separate drivers parked their cars in such a way as to take up two parking spaces! After finding a parking spot my friend and I joined the long line to order our food, patiently waiting our turn, when some self-important jerk talking on his cell phone loud enough so that everyone and his dog across two counties could hear his conversation cut in the front of the line. Still on his phone he ordered his food, oblivious to the taps on his shoulder and the "Hey, Dude! The line's back here!" from the patrons behind him.

I should add that neither of these events marred our girl's day out. We enjoyed good food and good company on a pleasant, warm September Sunday afternoon.

On my way home, however, I was thinking about what in the heck I was going to do for Sharon's Button Challenge. At the same time, the two annoying occurrences from the restaurant percolated to the front of my brain and I thought, "Man! There are some things that really push my buttons!"


Here are the button-pushers listed on this page:
People Who Cut In Line
Saying "Literally" When It Isn't! (OMG when I hear someone misuse the word "literally" I feel like my head is literally going to explode! Smile )
People Who Text While Driving
People who Talk during the Movie
"It's" vs. "Its"--Seriously!
Too Slow in the Fast Lane (In the interest of full disclosure, I am probably the type of driver that other drivers want to shoot at--it's possible I drive a bit too fast...)
Loud Public Cell Phone Conversations
Skinny Jeans (Need I say more?)
Fonts without Punctuation! (I discovered this button-pusher when I was making this page!)
Parking Across Two Parking Spaces

ETA: Sharon asked us to say why we used certain buttons and why we put them where we put them. The "where" part is sort of easy: I used some buttons as fasteners for holding down the journal strips. The rest are mainly decorative, but I tried to follow some of the suggestions Sharon gave in her chat: put buttons at the end of a line or at the intersection of lines on the page. In some cases I piled them on one side of the page to try to balance something on another part of the page. As for why I picked the buttons I picked, honestly I just started going through my stash and opening kits. Smile

Maplebrook Studio
Clear-Thru Arrows No. 01
Crush Party Kit
Glorious Days Kit
Jelly Alphabet No. 12 (I warped this a bit to make it look like it had been pushed)
Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 08
Kesia Kit
Layla Kit
Limon Kit
Rory Kit

Katie Pertiet
Bookshelf Flairs No. 02
Life Lines Complete Scrapbooking Collection
Lil Bits Alpha
Neptune Scrapbook Kit
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 05
To the Sea Scrapbooking Kit
Week-at-a-Glance Brads

Studio DD
Layer Works No. 705

Cathy Zielske
Booberry Solids Paper Pack (background paper)
Classic Neutrals No. 01 Paper Pack
Simple Patterns No. 02 Paper Pack
Tiny Dots No. 01 Paper Pack

Font: 28DaysLater (used it for the word "Don't" but this font has no punctuation!!!)

Page design inspired by some ideas I saw at Pinterest, and inspired by everyone here who has used this cool template!

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