Sorry to bombard y'all with my chat layouts, but I have a crazy-busy week coming up and wanted to make sure I got them all done this weekend! I think it's a record for me!

Esther's blending chat was really informative, especially since I don't really blend much. Or think I do. Ha. Unless taking a great watery or painterly brush of Katie's and changing the opacity counts! *wink* So, I ventured outside that proverbial box a bit here... thank you, Esther!

For my background paper, I blended a dark brown polka dot paper in SCREEN mode to a solid, texture paper below. This softened the darker color, but I still got texture and polka dots! (Yes, Esther... PATTERNED paper background! *wink*) I only used a couple of layers from Katie's "Colorful Paint Layers" templates... the watery paint, the pencil lines and the dotted texture. I clipped pink patterned paper to the paint layer in Katie's "Colorful Paint Layers" and duplicated the paint layer, made it white and reduced the opacity. I also duplicated the dotty-textured brush so it showed under both sides of the photo.

Wow.... look at all the blending and stuff I did! Couldn't have done it without Esther and all that chat info! Thanks, mate!
And now... I'll be quiet. *smile*


Harvest Fields Paper Pack
(background paper... SCREEN blending mode)
Harvest Fields Solids Paper Pack
(background paper... bottom layer)
Colorful Paint Layers No. 02
Classic Side Lift Photo Frames No. 01
(photo frame)
South Beach Element Pack
(jute bow)
Little Dudette Element Pack
(epoxy heart, arrow and talk bubble, staple)

Thanks for looking! Debi