I loved Shari's Merry-go-round page! So I used it for my inspiration for the button challenge. :-) I visited my mom today in her apartment, and oh, my! Playmobil *everywhere*. She went through a phase of collecting a bazillion kits (I think as an...investment?) and now has been slowly sorting them (with help) and getting them sent off to someone who will sell them on eBay for her. Whew. What a project. But it was a fun scene to capture for this layout. :-) TFL!


This lady has too much Playmobil! LOL! As she would readily admit
herself. Fortunately this mess is part of the clearing out process,
as all the pieces get packaged up to be sent to the people who sell
them off for her. Whew!

Font/Pea Hart


KP Spill Frames No7 (paint mask)
KPertiet_RedBlackandCreme Kit
KP button freebies (thank you!)
KP paperclip