Well, this is a real stretch for me... wow! But, this also just fell into place tonight... perfect timing for the art journal challenge on the blog and Katie's beautiful freebie.
And, then came inspiration from Squeak from this page... --WHO--

And in case it's not really obvious (ha), my "big" for the challenge is what I lovingly called the "artsy blob"... taking up a lot of white space... hahaha!

These past few weeks, I've been seriously overwhelmed and tired of having a monster "to do" list both at work and at home and everyone under the sun asking me and expecting me to take care of this, that and the other thing... it's been trying and boy, have I wanted to just fly the coop and go sit on a beach somewhere and de-stress... sigh...
And, to the rescue... scrap therapy. Gotta love it, right?


Harvest Fields Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Flair Minis No. 01
(brad... slightly recolored)

(brushwork, butterfly... I used two butterflies as brushes, but gave shadowing and dimension to one of them... the one that I want to fly away with...)

Thanks for looking! Debi