I tend to struggle a little with 'earthy, outdoorsy' colours but Katie's new Harvest Fields collection coming soon got my mojo going!

While I thoroughly enjoy the pots and baskets in all their glory on our balconies during Summer, there is something a little 'out with the old' that is so very refreshing when I pull out the 'past their best' petunia's during early September. On tidying up the geraniums, who appeared to breathe a sigh of relief at the new found space vacated by said petunia's, I once again marveled at their dead heads, at nature, and even at the beauty of their brown petals. I've come to love Autumn and Winter, I think mostly because you can hardly call June, July and August in the UK, Summer, in the true sense of the word and all its associated expectations and I'm always a little disappointed in our poor weather. Autumn and Winter on the other hand, I know exactly what we're going to get. Yes, a fair amount of rain, even after the Summer rains, but also those beautiful, cold, clear and crisp days of Autumn decorated with ever so pretty frosts and the hopeful anticipation of a light snowfall in Winter.

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