Dragonflies are generally harder to photograph than butterflies - at least in my opinion. That could be because they zip around at speeds up to 30 mph or faster, and they grab their lunch on the fly. So they don't spend a lot of time sitting for photos. I came across this one early in the morning before it warmed up much, and caught it clinging in the wind to that lovely green weed. I have no idea what kind it is (neither the dragonfly nor the weed) and in all this time, I still haven't been able to nail it down. There are some 2500 species of dragonflies with names like "red-veined darter", "widow skimmer" and such. Several of them are red, but only a few seem to have red wings. You'd think that would make it easy. Not so much. I haven't found one like this yet. Oh, well!

I generally think butterflies and dragonflies are pretty to look at - until you look closely. Up close, they look like most other insects - frightening. Some things are just better viewed from a distance, I guess. And then there are viruses. They're kind of pretty under a microscope. But I'm wandering. Butterflies are hairy up close, and dragonflies look vicious - though they neither sting nor bite. And they eat mosquitoes and other nasty insects and bugs, so they're considered beneficial. And they come in beautiful colors just like butterflies do. Now if they'd only hold still a little longer..........


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