Still going through old photos. 2010 was a bumper year for butterflies in Ohio. They were everywhere - thousands of them. It was impossible to go to the arboretum or to the nursery without seeing them on all the flowers. I had such a wonderful few months photographing them. Pickin's have been slim on the ground here in Texas. Perhaps because the days are warmer earlier, the butterflies are always up and flitting before the sun is over the horizon, and once they're flitting, it's much more difficult to catch them sitting long enough for a good photo. But I still love watching them.

Coming soon!!

Floresta (kit coming! Gorgeous colors!)
Torn Templates No. 3
Canvas Color Mix paper pack No 22
Every Moment Brushes and stamps
No Better Place Layered Template
Day With You Layered Template

Have I mentioned that I really LOVE the fact that the templates come with PNGs now? It makes it really easy to "borrow" layers from templates for other layouts. I just tag them all with the template name and label them "template parts" in my organizer, and they show up just like any other element does. Piece of cake!

Reach for the Moon Brushes and Stamps
Page Blends No. 01