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My kids were always tired of having a camera in their face and told me I took too many pix. Just wanted to journal why I do. Journaling borrowed/adapted from Wendy Wisner.

Journaling: Its just an ordinary day, in the park, at home, wherever, but I have to capture it, preserve it all.
For our children, time is slow. They live totally in the moment, and every day feels like a million years. For us parents, it can drag too, especially the tough parts. But we are also acutely aware of how fleeting it is- the awful speed with which our children grow up before our eyes.
So I photograph them, ALOT, to remember it all, to hold onto it, even as I see it slipping by. Not every day is this excessive, but I do take countless photos of my kids. Sometimes I wonder, at what expense? If I stay behind the camera so often, am I really living each moment to the fullest, there with the kids?I know that in the digital age everyone is guilty of being glued to their phones, of recording and sharing, every single moment of their lives, rather than simply living them. Is my obsession with recording my kids lives problematic?
I don't know for sure, but I think the answer is no. I like to think I can have
it both ways. I can be a little ridiculous with how often I photograph my kids, and still be able to put my camera away when life presents itself- to delve into the real-life moments that matter.
I get out my camera and take one last picture of them, and I think to myself: Maybe this is just one of those days that I'm going to be a little annoying, a wee bit obsessive. My kids are absolutely the best thing I have done in this world, and sometimes moms get to be a little crazy about it all, you know? I believe that someday my kids will thank me, for all the pictures I've snapped, for the moments I've captured, all the beauty I saw in their every gesture, and for preserving those ordinary, extraordinary moments of their childhoods.

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