my 4 year old is a virtual quote machine. so he was the inspiration for this week's challenge. here's the journaling:

Jake has turned into a master procrastinator when it comes to bedtime. Boy, does he know how to work it. After his bedtime routine is done, and he's been tucked and smooched, I leave his room. Then minutes later, like clock work comes, "mom, I need a drink," or "mom, I want a book." I stave these off with ease. But he saves the killer for last. It's the request that tugs at my heart strings and makes me go back in his room after I've already said Go. To. Sleep. for the very last time. When I hear "mommy, rock me," I'm toast.

Treasured Kit: Mindy Terawesa
Doodled Daydreams Paper Katie Pertiet
Decorative Edges: Shabby Princess
Font American Typewriter
Drop Shadow Actions: Katie Pertiet