Please join us in this month's Story Scrapbook Challenge, where you are asked to scrap a story about your grandmother.

Katie Pertiet:
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When I think of Grandma so many emotions and thoughts come rushing back to me, little snippets of all the things that made her who she was.

I think of the love she had for Grandpa, to death they did part, totally devoted to each other. I think of their little house in Sunshine with the creaky floorboards, grandma always fussing about with her full apron on, and grandpa would come in and untie it and she would say "Oh Harry, get away with you".

Her orange steamed pudding was a favourite dessert and no one has ever been able to replicate it since, even using her same recipe. The smell of lavender or roses or carnations, the delicate gentle scent of her perfume. Her Osti nylon dresses usually in soft floral and always with a handkerchief tucked into her belt, a lady always carried her handkerchief. She would more often than not have a brooch pinned at the top so there would be no chance of her buttons undoing and even around the house she would wear stockings and a full petticoat. Even thinking about it now, I never saw her ever wear trousers.

Her glasses always looked too big for her little face, she was about four foot nine inches tall and in her later years lost a lot of weight. She wouldn't eat that much "I'm only a little sparrow" she would tell me often. She loved her teddy bears and her dolls of the world. Step into her loungeroom and there would be eyes of dolls on shelves all round the walls looking at you.

Crosswords or find-a-word puzzles were her forte and she always used a pencil lest she make a mistake. The table beside her loungeroom chair always contained her crossword book, pencil, dictionary and a glass of water. She adored Days of Our Lives and even had a poster of Roman on the wall in the passageway. Grandpa indulged her. Her bookshelf was filled with dog'eared Mills & Boon novels she had read often.

She patiently taught me to knit when I was probably about 10 or 12. She loved us with a passion. When grandpa passed away and then years later after living on her own grandma had a fall necessitating full time care, she finally made the move to Geelong so we could see her more often than ever, we would visit her at Brooklyn House where she had made her new home until she passed away.

I worry that I will forget all these little details as time goes on. The sound of her voice, the twinkle in her eye. But as long as I have the best part of her in me, she will live on.