Well, thanks to Katie, I've managed to do (I use the term loosely!) some blending! *grin* Man, it was a struggle even with Katie doing all the work for me! LOL But, I'm happy with the outcome so thank you Chrissy for the kick with this week's SSL!
I thought the blending complemented these car pics from last year. No, we didn't wind up with two hot Fords... dang... but it was quite a surprise when Shannon and I went to test drive that Focus, only to find Rick there test driving the Mustang! LOL
(Sorry if that yellow-gold lettering is hard to read... it's OK when I print it out 10x10!)


Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 04
(background paper)
Grunged Stencil Alphabet No. 01
(stencil brush alpha "funny")
Flair Minis No. 01
(red brad)
Flair Minis No. 04
(black brad)
Spill Frame Layers No. 08
(frame, watery brush, twine, clothespins)

Font: Hootie
Thanks for looking! Debi