Snapped a phone photo yesterday while I was out walking, so this is hot off the press!
I am thinking there may be some dog owners that will read the journalling and nod knowingly.

((With apologies to Katie as I slightly changed the red of the blue skies elements to match the pink in my scarf))

Katie Pertiet:
Blue Skies Scrapbook Kit
Blue Skies Solids Paper Pack
Clipped Stacks No.11
Watercolor Chromatics Roughed Up Photo Mats No. 01
Watercolor Rainbow Patterns Roughed Up Photo Mats No. 01
Edge Overlays No. 09
Artsy Garden Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 05

Fonts: Junction, Microbrew Soft Six Regular and Garden Grown Caps

So Lucky took full advantage of the fact I was not feeling crash hot. Suffering the effects of a winter cold combined with 'cabin fever' I had to get out, so decided to put my duffle coat on to ward against the chill in the air and do a slow walk around the 1.4km block with the boy.

Apparently 'SLOW' to Lucky meant to stop and sniff and scratch and investigate every tree stump, every blade of grass, every sign post, you name it, he stopped and checked it out.

I swear he pee'd 32 times. Okay so I didn't actually count, I'm not that obsessed, but amongst all the stopping and sniffing and scratching, there was a lot of pee'ing going on too.

Happy boy and happy me. Now just to get over this darn cold so I can get back onto my running program. There's work to do.