It's said that all brides are beautiful. They're like babies and puppies that way. They can't help it. But I, of course, am partial to my DIL. She was a beautiful bride. I'm sure I've scrapped these photos before, but bear with me. I had that file open, and they seemed suited to the scraplift challenge.

There's no fancy brushwork by me here. Katie has done it all for us. It's more or less plug and play, and it produces predictable results that we all love. I did blend the paper from the Terra Botanica kit with one from the Pacifica kit to get the color of linen that I wanted, but that was all.

Supplies from Katie Pertiet:

Botanist Notebook No. 06 Kit
Damask Transfers No. 01
Photobooth Frames
Spill Frame Layers No. 05
Terra Botanica Complete Collection

and the little daisies are from Katie for the Helping Hands kit which was retired. I wish she'd bring these daisies back though. I really like them.

And from Maplebrook Studios

Pacifica Kit