I love this pic I have of my mum and dad at their wedding in 1963.
Remember the days when brides would change into their Going Away outfit? Do they still do that? I know I didn't.
Anyway I think an outfit with a hat like this needs to be documented.

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After mum and dad's wedding, a luncheon at the church was held as their reception which was enjoyed whilst listening to the football on the radio, dad's beloved Cats were in the Grand Final. The luncheon finished and they slipped away back to grandma's house so mum could get changed into her 'going away' outfit. A beautiful pink slimline dress with an extravagant floral matching hat. They went back to the church to mingle and say goodbye to their guests and then took off on their driving honeymoon, first stop Bendigo.

Mum says on the way they stopped at a milkbar for a milkshake and she left a trail of confetti behind as she walked through the shop to the laughter of everyone.

She never wore the dress again, she did try but after being washed it had shrunk and didn't quite fit, although a couple of months after the wedding she fell pregnant with me, so maybe that had something to do with the dress not fitting again.