When we moved to Texas, we discovered that we had a resident rodent in our yard. No surprise. One third of the mammals in Texas are rodents. This one LOOKED like a mouse, but hopped like a rabbit. It kept stuffing bits of food into it's cheeks like a chipmunk. Nose was too short for a field mouse or any kind of rat. We THINK it's a Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse - which isn't really a mouse at all. The pocket mice and pocket rats belong to the family Heteromyidae, which means "other mouse". They are supposedly strictly nocturnal, but this one seemed to think daytime hours were just as good for foraging in a nice safe backyard.
The caveat to all this is that, cute as it was, we had to force it to move. They are on the preferred menu for snakes, and around here, that means rattlesnakes. And we don't want those in our backyard. So we removed the cactus it had made it's home under, and the mouse moved to a new neighborhood.

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