The middle school we chose for Kaden to go to is clear across town - about a twenty minute drive - and while it is a long drive twice every day, it's been a great chance for us to talk about lots of things going on in life.

At first, it seemed like the long drive to and from your school was going to be a pain. But then it turned into a time when you and I started talking about life. About things going on at church; things happening in the world; things you were learning at school. Good things, hard things, new things. The way people treat each other, and the way people should treat each other. The way Dad and I hope you will treat other people; especially those you may not see eye to eye with. You are growing up fast, and I love our car talks and every other chance I get to talk with you. Youre smart, kind, and fun.
And Im super proud of you.

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