Oh Lordy Lord we are drowning in zucchinis at the moment.
Mike is so flipping proud of every one he produces from the garden.
I'm at the point of groaning as to what to do with the excess.
I just had to document it as part of the food challenge. A fun way to tell a story using strips of paper.

Katie Pertiet:
Ledger Flairs No. 01
Blendability Scrap Pack Layered Templates No. 03
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 04
Home and Garden Kit
Black, White and Lime Kit
Wooden Arrows No. 02
Made with Paper Flowers No. 03
Twisted Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01

Fonts: Christmas Beauty Script

Enough already!! Zucchini slice, zucchini fritters, zucchini chocolate cake, zucchini and bacon soup, jars of pickled zucchini, the freezer is full, there's no more room,
I've even swapped zucchini at the produce exchange.
Mike is so pleased with himself, each time he picks one (or five) from the garden.
But - tell me please. When is zucchini season over!!