This is another set of pages for my 2016 book . . . I will not be doing 365 days or 52 weeks exactly . . . but I will be scrapping photos and events whenever I have days that I would like to remember.

Journaling: From time to time Ernie comes up with a unique and efficient manner in which to accomplish certain tasks around our home. He has now perfected his genius style of Christmas tree removal. This is definitely a no mess method . . . we now only need to clean up the fallen needles from the immediate area of the trees original spot in our family room. No trail of debris trailing from one room to the next and through the garage. This one is foolproof! He absolutely LOVED decimating the tree with his trusty orange 30-inch Large-Jaw Tree lopper.

(I am shocked that he doesn't bring the chain-saw in for this task!)

Frosted Winter Kit (snowflake)
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 04
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
Fonts: Alexandria FLF & Allura

This is the companion page . . .

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