This was fun tonight, Linda! I've never scrapped a Christmas photo with colors other than red/green! FUN after the initial shock of the rules!!

I have "shoebox" app on my iPhone . . . it gathers photos from my computer and shows me each day just what was going in previous years each day. Yesterday it told me that I had photos from December 12th for several years to look at just by clicking on the app. This one popped up . . . I don't remember ever seeing it before . . . I was tickled pink . . . it made my day!! The photo is of grand #8 . . . love the green paint on her arms . . . obviously she had been seriously painting something!!!

Big Bottom Lift Classic Photo Frames No. 01
Cut Ups: Christmas No. 02 (all recolored for the original red & green)
Edge Overlays No. 02
Holiday Trees No. 17 Brushes and Stamps (used as clipping mask)
Notebook Paper Pack No. 07
Toothy No. 01 Paper Pack
Toothy No. 02 Paper Pack