This is for the Saturday Scraplift: at an angle . . . I love the page from Debi . . . love the strip on the right hand side of her page! The photo is of one of our grandsons playing in my sewing room while I worked on some project. Most of my children and grand loved to play with my buttons too! My favorite thing about this photo is his concentration . . . and that little tongue sticking out as he threads the needle through the button.
Journaling: There are times when I have thought that my children, my grandchildren and I have had parallel lives. Have done the same childhood things . . . played the same games . . . enjoyed quite activities very much the same. I can name a few as I sit here and write . . . drawing with my daddy, painting, reading, being read to, helping cook with mother and Mama and stringing buttons! My sweet grandson, Harrison is my little shadow . . . he always has been and I am quite honored and proud that he is. He loved to sit quietly and play with buttons . . . sorting them, stringing them, counting them, putting them in jars. I can almost remember doing the same thing while my grandmother sewed when I was a child . . . and, I have a photograph of Harrisons daddy stringing buttons when he was a little guy too.
Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Plastic Buttons Stars and Circles
Santa Land Solids and Stripes Paper Pack
Simple Patterns No. 01 Paper Pack
Fonts are Brushy & Cochin