I enjoyed lifting the wonderful page from Arte Banale which Wendy chose for today on the DD Blog. This is sort of a vague story from my high years when I was a Girl Scout, a Red Cross volunteer and a swimming teacher. When my group of old childhood friends got together a couple of months ago, this was one of the many topics of which we reminisced. I took this photo of our beautiful 1916 era Federal Court House a year ago . . . it looks exactly as it did in my childhood except for the traffic lights and the blue road sign.

Journaling: not a big story at all . . . but a story, which helped form who I am at an early age. I was a Girl Scout and loved to earn badges. One summer a few of us were working on our lifesaver badges and took a class from the American Red Cross. We earned the Jr. Life Saver patch from the Red Cross as well as our Scout badges. We also volunteered with the Red Cross to teach swimming and life saving at our local swimming pool. Miss Mildred Verble was a wonderful woman who worked for the Red Cross in an upstairs room at our Post Office and helped us so very much. We loved walking the three miles to the office three mornings a week to help out for a few weeks and came to love Miss Mildred so much.

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