These photos are of our eldest son in 1971 when he was three years old. I have had Katie's Little Indians kit for awhile, and found these oldies and used this kit that I love.

I am wearing the Indian hat that HaHee & PaPa Pat sent me in a big package before Christmas this year and I love it!

Sometimes the feathers come out, but Mommy can put them back in again. I like the colors . . . The feathers are red and yellow and green and blue. I made a drum out of the oatmeal box today after breakfast and it is a good one.

Mark got a hat too, but he just pulled out the feathers and then tried to eat it because he is still a baby. Mommy said that we can write HaHee and PaPa Pat a letter to tell them that I like my hat. I donít know how to write, but Mommy can help me. I like to draw pictures so I can draw good pictures of Indians to send in my letter. Daddy said that I look just like a little Indian boy!

Background paper from Jackie Ecklesí Altered paper pack #5. The Indian boy rub-on is from Katie Pertiet's Little Indian Kit. The large number 1 is from Katieís Out-of-a-Box Alpha. The paint smears (war paint) is from Rhonna Farrer's Split Pea kit at 2Peas.
The fonts are Memo and Mailart Rubberstamp.