This layout is for the September Page Makeover Challenge on the DD Blog. I have gone deep into my gallery and pulled out a page from the autumn of 2007. The day itself holds sweet memories for me . . . and, it is a day, which my teen grandson and I were talking about a few weeks ago. I never really loved the old page . . . I do think now that it was way too dark and nor did it have any journaling. This was perfect for a makeover and I love that Sarah chose an autumn page as part of the challenge.

Journaling: Just before Halloween in 2007 when Jackson was in kindergarten I got to chaperone his class to the pumpkin patch on a nearby farm. There were piggys, goats, assorted chickens and ducks, a pump for water, hundreds of pumpkins and lots of fun on this cool autumn day. Mrs. Weaver was his wonderful kindergarten teacher and a good friend of mine too. Actually Joy was one of my first friends when we moved here and was Beths first grade teacher. When we got home I asked Jackson what was the best thing of the trip . . . his answer was "riding the school bus"!

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