I thought I'd post a photo of my new bag. It is a small sling/backpack and weighs a minuscule 1.7 lb (0.8kg).
I know many of you like to have attractive camera "purses", but I'm a bit more utilitarian! Smile
I have a Powepro Passport Sling that has served me very well for maybe four years. I still use it often. But when I put too much in it it pulls on my shoulder. I bought a camera backpack a couple of years ago but to get at my camera I have to take the backpack off and put it down and unzip it to get the camera and zip it, and put it back on again. It is all too much trouble.
So I'm trialing this little gem that doesn't look to much like a camera bag I think and it is a sort of sling that sits on your back like a backpack and has extra straps you can do up to support the weight if you need. I think it will be perfect. I am able to cram in my camera and heaps of gear. I'll post a pic of that, too.