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Journaling: I scooted into the university parking lot just as Michael did. This was his debut as a full-fledged basketball coach . . . much to his dismay! I came today to keep an eye on Harrison (who is good as gold) & to watch Jackson play basketball. Jackson's team is lots of fun to watch. He is on one of the church leagues No-Score rearms; he is a Raider! They have some good players and some not so good (Jackson is one of the good ones} . . . they are all eight years old and certainly do have a good time on the court. Today Harrison got to sit with the players . . . the bench wasn't full because some of the team was absent. Harrison is dressed in Jackson's old cowboy suit, vest and boots . . . and has a red bandana in his jeans pocket too. He liked to follow his dad onto the floor and help with the coaching. Also, he learned the fine points of shooting from Jackson at intermission.