We always have several piles of debris from around our place it seems. Even though the tornado was a few years ago, there is still so much which needs burning left in the woods. This past year, we had another bad ice storm and a few weeks ago there were straight-line winds blowing huge limbs from our many trees. Of course, there is the normal replacement of fence posts and clean up always going on. We are constantly calling the county to tell them that we are burning . . . this is a requirement here and a good safety measure. These photos are a couple of many I have made over the last 40 years . . . my husband is a veteran brush burner, but even so it is hard and hot work. He never, never tells me that he is tired, but I know that me must be after the hauling and watching over a hot fire for hours on end even though he moves off to a great distance away.

Journaling: Just one more day of burn piles after the storms . . . hot, hard & backbreaking work in July.

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