One of my all time vivid memories & favorite photo! I was inspired by parts of two or three layouts on Pinterest (I didnít write the name down, but I think the name was Micki) . . . wish I knew for sure whose it is. I love that the carriage is taller than little Kevin is!

Journaling: We were living near Ft. Bragg, North Carolina when Beth was born in June of 1974 and were making an ill timed move to Ft. Monmouth, NJ only days after she was born. HaHee, Aunt Velma & Papa Pat drove down to see the new baby and then took Michael & Mark back to Tennessee with them, while we packed up our house for the move. This favorite photo is of two-year-old Kevin pushing his new baby sister in the pram, which we bought while living in Germany in 1968. This was made the day we were leaving Georgia when Beth was five or six days old.

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