I have been meaning to put this memory to paper and didn't have any photos (since I was the one on the couch shoving the dog!), so this challenge gave me the chance to tell the story of Roxy's first day at our house, and show also what a total snuggler this dog is! Fun challenge! TFL.

On the first day after your rescue, you settled yourself in for a nice lie-down on the couch. You eyed me balefully when I asked you to get down. Ignored me completely when my voice got louder. I was a teensy bit nervous about how you would handle orders, having never befriended a pit bull before. Lauri was off running errands, and I knew if I was ever going to be top dog in your eyes, I had to back up the command. So I lay across the back of the couch, wedged myself behind you and shoved. You are like a bag of stubborn rocks when you decide you don't want to move, so this effort took a few shoves to persuade you I meant it. With a sigh, you picked yourself up and got off the couch and onto your doggie bed. These days you're allowed to lie on the couch, but you two still give me that "caught" look whenever I walk through the living room. I just wave it away though, since we all know which one of us is the alpha dog!

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